quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

Chao Sobral Today

The Progressive Chão Sobral
invites you to participate in
I Digital Photography Contest "Chão Sobral Today"

Write 1 or 2 photos in digital format by 15 July.
Each photo must be accompanied by a title, date taken (month and year) and name of the author of the work of art.
Email for receipt of photos is "uniprochaosobral@gmail.com"

Technical conditions of the photos:
- Minimum size of 1200 by 900 pixels

By sending us your photos you grant us the right to display (a) during the entire month of August in digital format at the Headquarters of the Association in Chão Sobral and (b) indefinitely in the website created for this purpose.

Prizes for the best 3 photos:
Prizes for the best 3 photos:

1st Prize
Two nights in Mongolia tent on Quinta of Bees / http://www.portugalsmallholding.org/
Horse riding with Portugal by Horse / http://www.portugalbyhorse.com/
T-shirt UPCS

2nd Prize
50 Euros for shopping in store Effect Green / http://efeitoverde.com/
T-Shirt UPCS

3rd Prize
Book "Stories, legends and tales of my Ground" / http://www.chaosobral.org/hlcdomeuchao.htm
and set of 4 knives Royal Court "made in Chão Sobral" / http://www.chaosobral.org/produtos.htm#cr
T-Shirt UPCS

Awarding of prizes on August 10, 2 PM at the headquarters of the Association.



More information by e-mail
or 96 96 80 009

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